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  • What is "Ask a Scholar" Program?
    The "Ask a Scholar" Program allows you ask questions to Mahdavia Scholars on our website. Currently, we have Hazrath Peer-o-Murshid Mufti Syed Zameer Mahdi Sahib as the scholar, but we will add more scholars to our panel. We know that in our community, people ask questions through online sessions. We can further structure this behavior by documenting these questions & answers, and the community can benefit from it by searching it on our website. You can submit the questions through Ask a Scholar Page. Our team will work with Hazrath Peer-o-Murshid Mufti Syed Zameer Mahdi Sahib and post your answer on the site to benefit the rest of the community. Do I need to Login or be a member to view answers? No, you do not need to be a member to ask a question or view answers. How soon will I get my answer? Is it possible that my question be not answered at all? We do our best to post your question and answer within two weeks of your submission. Sometimes, depending on the nature of the query or the scholar's schedule, it might take up to two weeks, or the scholar decides not to answer it. If the scholar chooses not to answer it, we will inform you via email or phone. Be sure to provide the correct details in the form. How do I view the answers? You can either view the answer by going to the answers page on the website or you can just search your question using the Search bar. Can I comment on the answers? No, you do not have access to comment or follow posts. Tips for asking a questions Give as much details as possible. Include any follow up questions you may have. Avoid giving personal details like real people names while framing your questions.
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