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Practice in the Teachings of Imam Mahdi (AHS)

Updated: May 16, 2023

In Surah Asr, Allah Almighty says: "By the time, Verily! mankind is in loss, except those who believe and do righteous deeds and recommend one another to follow the truth and advise each other for Patience."

This Surah contains only three verses, but is so comprehensive that according to Imam Shafa'ee (Rh) it only is enough for the guidance of mankind, if implemented sincerely by the believers in their lives. Four important points emerge from it which are necessary for the salvation of mankind from the great loss mentioned in the Surah.

  1. Having faith.

  2. Doing practice i.,e Amal-e-Sualeh (To perform all kinds of good deeds and abstain from all kinds of actions that Allah has forbidden)

  3. Enjoining the fellow men to follow the truth only

  4. Advising the fellowmen to be patient for the sufferings that may be encountered in the way of Allah.

Faith is the name of a belief which can be perfected only with practice of righteous deeds. Both faith and practice are indispensable for the salvation of mankind as it is stated in verse 19 of Surah Al-Isra: "And whoever desires the Hereafter and strives for it with the necessary effort due for it while he is a believer, then such are the ones whose striving shall be appreciated (by Almighty Allah)." People usually think that having Faith is enough, but it should be remembered that all the commands have been enjoined upon the people of faith only. One of the most prominent aspects in the teachings of Huzoor Mahdi Maud (AHS) is his emphatic exhortation for sincere practice that leads to the path of utmost success for a believer. Huzoor Mahdi (AHS) did not believe in just oral declaration of faith but he insisted his followers to live their lives practicing the Commands of Allah. In one of his sayings our Imam (AHS) said: "Tasdeeq e banda amal ast" It means that believing in him would only be fruitful when his teachings are implemented by the believer.

At another occasion, he said: "On the Day of Judgment Allah will not ask you whether you are the son of Ahmed or Mohammad, but He will ask about the deeds done with love and devotion." This Naql of Hazrath Mahdi Maud (AHS) reminds of the Hadith, in which our Prophet Huzoor Nabi Kareem (PBUH) said to his beloved daughter, "O Fatima, do practice and don't rely upon the fact that you are the daughter of the Prophet (PBUH)."

There are great lessons for us in the sacred sayings of these holy personalities, who don't say anything according to their own wish, but it is only the inspiration that is inspired. (Surah Najm)

May Allah keep us on the Straight Path and make us the true seekers of His vision, Ameen!


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